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two faces of life-sized puppets

Life in America told in the folktales of the American people

You have a unique mix of theater and puppets that strikes a chord in children and adults alike.
- Devo Carpenter, Youth Specialist, Austin Public Library

Many people built the America we know today and all of them left behind stories for  us. Join us for stories of Hispanic, African-American, Appalachian, Cajun, and Native American cultures. Every story teaches something important about living well with others - and more deeply within ourselves.

Performed with either whimsical hand puppets or life-sized rod puppets, this lively combination of puppetry and storytelling brings American folktales to life.

l30 or 45 minutes Most enjoyed by people 5 years & older

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Curriculum Connections

puppets at a country funeral

A big surprise at a country funeral.
From The Bet, an Appalachian tale