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Curriculum Connections for American Tales

Teacher information and activity sheets are available for each show

With Native American (Commanche), Hispanic, African-American, Appalachian, and Cajun folktales,  this show gives modern children access to traditional American stories in a fun and memorable way. It has been designed to appeal to children 5 years and older, through late elementary school, but is also enjoyed by adults.

Social Studies & Community Life
- understanding others
- accepting personal responsibility
- sharing with others
- non-violent conflict resolution
- the dignity of work

Cultural Diversity
- understanding differences in American culture
- common themes across cultural traditions in America

Language Arts
- awareness of folktales as a traditional artform
- listening skills
- story structure
- expressive language

Theater arts
- audience etiquette for live theater
- puppetry as a form of theater
- acting/storytelling
- scene & costume design