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Curriculum Connections for The Wisdom Merchant

Teacher information and activity sheets are available for each show

Taken from a collection of folktales from over 15 different cultures, this show gives modern children access to ancient wisdom tales in a fun and memorable way. It has been designed to appeal to children 5 years and older, through late elementary school, but is also enjoyed by adults. The tales presented are selected  to fit the specific age group or issue for each audience.

Social Studies & Community Life
- understanding others
- accepting personal responsibility
- the effects of personal actions on relationships
- non-violent conflict resolution
- grief resolution

Cultural Diversity
- worldviews of other cultures
- diverse cultural traditions

Language Arts
- awareness of folktales as a traditional artform
- listening skills
- story structure
- expressive language

Theater arts
- audience etiquette for live theater
- puppetry as a form of theater
- acting/storytelling
- scene & costume design