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Our Mission

Random Acts Puppet Theater began in the summer 1998 with the mission of bringing healing stories to the community with creativity, wit, and gentleness.  Through  adaptations of traditional stories and creative original works, we join with our audience in learning something about the difficult art of being human. 

 Application to Education

Wisdom through stories is an ancient concept which allows gentle learning that speaks to many ages, issues, and conditions without demand or dogma.  We honor wisdom  from all times and cultures; generously and truthfully sharing it with the community.

 Application to Community Building

Traditionally, the role of the storyteller has been to heal the broken bonds of the community  through laughter, inspiration, and even sorrow. We seek to build connections among people through our shows and workshops, and by those connections strengthen the community as a whole.

 Application to Art

To heal through stories requires that  the courage, beauty, and complexity of the human spirit be truthfully expressed in ways that call forth the audience's own humanity in response.  We celebrate the human spirit always, never seeking to demean or trivialize people's struggles.

 Our commitment

We honor those storytellers of ages past who have given these stories to us and hold ourselves responsible to treat these stories with respect so they may continue to  carry out their mission of truth and healing.